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Looking to increase my knowledge and understanding of culture to become a better professional, citizen and father.



36 Background in science (Biological Sciences, Plant Science) then music (played bass in a touring signed band called Zun Zun Egui for a few years and produced 1st album) then music teaching (taught guitar for a few years).

Recently changed careers, about 4.5 years ago - around the time that I started watching Peterson’s lectures on youtube. This actually did β€˜sort me out’ as it happens. Changed to Instructional Design, and have worked for a few different companies then, in Bristol, London (Canary Wharf and Victoria), and now Reading.

Since making plans in future authoring all those years ago I have increased my earnings by roughly 8 or 9 times, and saved a deposit for a house (also got married and had a kid).

It seems like there are some pretty interesting people on this site, it will be good to see how everyone gets on.

Self Authoring suite

  • Completed Past authoring
  • Completed Present faults authoring
  • Completed Present virtues authoring
  • Completed Future authoring