Adrian Hindes

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I’m a second year undergraduate mathematics and physics student at the Australian National University. I’m primarily studying pure mathematics, but I’ve also had more than my fair share of experience in physics research thanks to a weird crazy course structure I have.

I’m also really interested in complex systems, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and network theory. Basically lots of weird wacky areas of science, not usually covered in university courses.

Aside from science and maths, I’m also a bookworm and am slowly working my way through the “Great Books of the Western World”. I take particular interest in Greek mythology at the moment, but I’m also fascinated by psychology thanks to Jordan Peterson. Oh, I also really like writing; blogs, fiction (occassionally) and essays on books/movies/games.

Stick with Discord accountability group for a month


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Nick Redmark

I find the idea of accountability groups interesting. What do you think would a minimal acceptable accountability group functionality look like for