Nick Redmark

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Hello world! I’m the creator of Sorters Club.

Where to go from here

I have a chicken and egg problem. I want to create a thriving personal development community, but the community is not that attractive if there is not much activity. I tend to think this app needs more features but maybe i shouldn’t focus on them if nobody is asking for them. Also there is a question about where the community should live. Meanwhile there are many potential seats: the youtube channel, patreon, this app, the discord channel, the facebook group… it’s kind of dispersed. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. I believe I should prioritize youtube for now and only when the channel is thriving and actice focus on creating something for insiders/supporters. Anyway something i intend to do is make all the content here closed to subscribers. Maybe even private - again that would depend on where the community should live. Is this a tool to sort yourself out or is it an app to share your sorting efforts with others? Community vs tool?

Goals: Create a platform for sorters