Dragon Mountain

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Fit & Professional NC 🧠🐲🦋🏃‍♀️🔧

Achieved/Completed: May 2018, June 2018...

May: Landmark month, SH… my JPstudioSH year begins: everything has clicked into place incl. home, relationship, goals & business.

June: All my MI projects started coming together (FH/KB/SHCN/PDC), completed PDC

July: Fitness/health/energy focus 🏃‍♀️ Greger, Volter 12 hr daily ‘fast’ & Esselstein

Aug: PDC Project success ~ received Permaculture Design Certificate…

Sept: NC progress re paperwork & Dr P live, spreadsheet projections, nutrition confidence (Coursera’s Micronutrients), started learning Dutch (not going well: reading, writing, speaking… must get tools in place to activate), 30 day Sorting Challenge


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Dragon Mountain


Dream come true: SH May ✔️G&A for FH 1 July 2018 ✔️ Sadly 2 months rental loss which makes 5 months rental loss in all these years (4 of them tied up with renovations)


*SH move, 4 May D: this is the best day of my life, click click click on so many levels, future is clear *Completed Artist’s Way (got so much out of the speaking challenge & realised my shortfalls) *🧠🐲🐝 LT goals *FH: painted & sorted house, explored sell vs let option, identified the value & got a grip on the market, signed tenant from July, 2 months lost rent but deposit is in place & can move on *KB: built fire wall (roof room is now a real possibility), perfect new long term tenant for L, new geysers & other improvements 🏃‍♀️started 10k steps & habits


Everything started coming together in terms of projects PLUS the rains came down heavily so our dams will be looking better for Summer


Handovers (G&A and R), geyser bursts x 2, fire wall, started Greger & Daily Dozen, caught up on figures ie.Nov-present day for accountant, set up SHCN with microgreens in full flourish & happy fish, started memory work ie. memorised S & Central African countries and capitals, got a good goal achievement system going (goal journal, weekly plan done every Sunday), SUBMITTED PDC PROJECT, feeling that all projects are coming together and I can start getting into other goals now, YAY!! May and June have been very productive in terms of getting things done, now July is for Sorting Myself Out.


Focus on healthy eating & research: Greger, Volter, Dr Esselstein


I got on my bicycle, bought rollerblades, tried 12 ~ 13 hr intermittent fasting. Downside: was interrupted & slowed down after heat walk w M (2 weeks)


Consolidation & preparing for NC action, my next major goal


Got my Permaculture Design Certificate, achieved my goal weight of 62kg, started diving into RE & economics podcasts, fun video (hats), advised C on way forward re AV, focus on realities of local factors again. Downside: building strength but still don’t feel the energy I want to feel from my wholefoods plant based diet. Goal: get NC strategy going.


NC action & sustained ‘quiet’ energy

Great progress on NC: Full focus and clearing the path, Dr P idea & created logo, website etc ✨ Worked on sustainable energy via Myfitnesspal (focus on legumes & veg, checking nutrients etc helped), lots of legume stews/soups, no energy dips during the day so in general feeling good and running smoothly. Now to work on waking fitness sans injuries & get clstrl check. Goal: get fitness going!