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Hello world! I’m the creator of Sorters Club.

On the way to become a meaning-centered coach

I haven’t posted in a while.

In December-January I did a 31 days speaking challenge on youtube. The challenge: film yourself speaking for 5 minutes with your phone every day for 31 days. Don’t prepare and try to be as authentic as you can. It has been an enriching experience and has gained me a few new friends. It also transformed my relationship to the medium: I’m much more willing to just publish something without too much hesitation or self-criticism, and I moved on to having conversations with people (I created a new playlist for that called The Fireside Chat - If you wish to have a conversation with me on my channel just pick a time here.

Another outcome of the speaking challenge is that all that talking about myself and sorting my thoughts out helped me orient myself and find a new direction in my life. I’m going to become a coach, so that I have a field where I can apply all the psychological knowledge I’m gaining through all the reading I’m doing. I’m starting with a coaching education in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, from all the reading and listening to Peterson, I realized that meaning really is the bull’s eye, the deepest value, the thing we should focus on. So I want to really deepen my understanding of the psychology of meaning and, in particular, develop a meaning-centered coaching practice.

I created a website to allow people to start a coaching with me: Since this is the first run and I’m getting started, I’m offering my coaching for free. I really, really hope I can get this new project bootstrapped.

Goals: Become good at speaking, Become a meaning-centered coach