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Looking to increase my knowledge and understanding of culture to become a better professional, citizen and father.

Many domestic goals achieved - thinking of looking outward

I have achieved lots of the goals I set a few years ago - I have a good job now which I like, I’m married, have bought a house, learned the various skills which are pertinent to the next few years, have a home office and studio for music, have started to beautify the house which is now totally sorted out and organised. So I am thinking about ways to spend my time on things outside the household. I’ve been frustrated that there are no pull-up bars in the park, as it’s such an easy thing to do. There is an existing gym in one of the parks, but it seems to be for old or infirm people. The bars are too thick to grip, the ‘machines’ don’t offer any real resistance, and it’s really embarrassing to use. By contrast, simple parallel bars, pull up bars etc are really good for challenging exercises, they are cheap, and they make it possible to do bodyweight routines. I think they should be in all the parks. I am going to try and persuade the council to provision them in the various parks around Newbury. The way I see it I have to find the local decision makers, find out the process for persuading them, find out cost, find out whether there is local support, find out risks and what could block it, put together a presentation on benefits. It has happened in many other towns and cities so should be possible to do here. If anyone has any experience with this sort of thing, please let me know your advice!

Goals: Buy a house, Learn Javascript, Learn Angular and create first course in Angular